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I bought the HF 15# Soda Blaster on sale plus my 25% off coupon. Haven`t used it yet, looking to upgrade my 20Gal 4hp compressor. needs more oomph or blow power.

It does make a bit of dust looking at this video. too bad the guy doesn`t show his results. Being Soda it will just dissolve and wash down with water. Not sure your neighbor would be happy. the negative of living in a Suburbia environment.

Looking Cool and Soda Blasting Carbs - YouTube

There is the Dust Less type of paint stripping also, but probably quite a bit more expensive even with this small unit in the following video.

Dustless Blasting on the My Classic Car Show! - YouTube

Which way you decide to go, Iam sure it will look good in the end.

There are two parts numbers, one for the Wagon and one for the sedans.

123-323-12-85 or W0133-187027 for the Wagons

123-323-05-85 for the Sedans

I installed a Wagon Sway Bar in our 85 300D and used the Wagon Bushings. The difference is because the wagon bar is 2mm thicker.

there were three HP ratings on the OM616...

1) Not much power
2) Even less power
3) Not nearly enough power!! 240D w/auto

Anyone that thinks a 240D is slow drives too fast.

80 240D Naturally Exasperated, 4-Spd 388k DD 150mph spedo 3:58 Diff

We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works
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