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Well Jim, I respectfully disagree with you. Although I do agree that proper crimping (with a tool) is preferable, I see nothing wrong with the clips.

Here is how Chuck Taylor of Falls Church, VA put it:

I also read the posts on this and the deciding factors were

1. that no one ever reported a failure because of the clip

2. the manual does not mention the crimping when installing a replacement chain, only the use of the clip

3. the clip would probably be more effective than my amateur peening.

I did look it up in my MB manuals, and there they are! The clips! As Chuck said, the crimping was never mentioned. I used the clips on my car, and so have other members on this forum. And as I've said in another post, if the C-clips fail, I'll be sure to post it on here, and at the same time I'll also report how I like my new 300HP 10:1 Euro 560!
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