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New user - sold my Vette(s) and now drive slower

Hi there:

History - I'm a recovering speed demon:
I have been active on the Corvette Formum having owned a 90 Competition Yellow L-89, a 96 CE LT4, and most recently the Black 79 L-82. Sold all. Why tell you this?

Older and wiser:
I have traded gas for diesel and now own a 95 E300. Hence my first post. I did a lot of "shopping" and found the 95 listed as a Consumer Guide "Best Buy". I noted that there are loads of 96 - 99 MB E300 diesels and turbo diesels on eBay and the other auto sites. But I had a heck of a time locating a low (60K) mileage 95 with that normally-aspirated 606 engine and the older look.

Truthfully -
I have found the MB to be much more relaxing to drive and the fact that I don't FEEL compelled to try to be the first off the light (no I didn't drag but you always felt like you had to lead the pack in a Vette). Anyway - testosterone aside - I now take a leisurely roll and get great gas *er diesel mileage to boot. No better feeling.

Ok - now my question:

1. I run Mobil 1 10w40 in my Jeeps (I6 4.0L) and have had wonderful success - one has 166K. I would like to run it in the 3.0L MB. Any caution or consideration here - I keep hearing about Amsoil and Rotella T?

2. I sent MB my card indicating I purchased a pre-owned. Will they contact me about any factory updates to be done?

3. On synthetic oil can I (should I) go 10K between changes? I understand it is routine in Europe to do so. What is the thinking here?

Thanks for any help you can give me on the oil. I do look forward to chatting and getting to know you as time allows.

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