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Enrique of Mr. MB Motors has been highly praised by quite a few folk that live in Southern California and post to these forums. They have taken their car to Enrique and trust him completely. Based on the recomendations, I tried him, and I feel that I can trust him also. He will not replace things on your car unless it really needs to be replaced. If whatever part can last a while longer, such as the motor mounts on my CE, he will say that it doesn't need to be replaced now, but probably the next major service, as is the case with my mounts. He says the leaking EHA is not major problem and nothing to be overly concerned about. (Maybe this only applies to my particular auto as he inspected it and showed me where it is leaking, and how much. Other cars might not be in the same situation and the EHA really does need to be replaced.)

BTW, when my Sportline sway bars and Bilstein HD come in, I'll take the car to him to have them installed and I will ask him to go ahead and replace the leaking part.
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