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Thanks Austin. It is Black Pearl with grey MB Tex interior - any way you look at it - it looks grey metallic with a lighter grey cladding.

I had put a lot of study into finding a 95 in particular. Seems to be that owners try to keep them. I spoke to the original owner who lamented that they wanted it back about 2 weeks after trading it in on an Envoy - I purchased it through a broker. They used it almost exclusively as a road car.

I'll post the Mobil 1 question later. I guessed that it would be a topic with much debate - I just wanted to know if Mobil 1 was appropriate.

I get 27 mpg in town. I suspect the mileage on the road to be about 35 but I must verify that. Power of the 606 is nowhere up to the torque of the 4.0L I6 Jeep engine. I must put my "foot in it" to get it to downshift and run up those hills. Otherwise it is fantastic to drive. The turbo took care of that in later years but I didn't want the turbo so I live with the 135 hp or so and enjoy the sound system - it is an SE with the upgrade sound and passenger 10 way power seat. Can't find anything else that the SE had.

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