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OK, I've got the warranty in writing now. I got them to drain a bunch of fluid today, and it was still a little high when I checked it when I got home. Lowering the fluid level seems to have taken care of the bubbles, but not the flaring. I'm planning on taking it to another shop in a few hundred miles to get the tranny fluid changed and everything adjusted. This time I'll go to a guy who knows what he's doing.

I looked under the car when they were draining the fluid, and the tranny was all clean and shiny. He showed me my old parts too, but wouldn't give them to me when I asked him if I could keep them. I think he rebuilt it. I paid $1050. Do you guys think I got ripped off?

Any ideas on what might be causing the flaring on the 3-4 shift? It only does it after it's warm.

Thank you for your help.

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