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Sorry for lateness,

Original chain (probably 190.000 Km) It seems that it was never changed.
I have owned the car with the cracked cylinder, now it's not crakced again. all is ok on the group.

My old cylinder was cracked by a fragment of a broken piston which came aginst the sleeve and broke it. (and the engine couldn't turn normaly at Idle... and smoke crazy)

And I didn't see any damage on chain and other pieces, the Head gasket was in a perfect stat.

I've just bought a C-clips master link, and put it easilly.

:-( Should i keep it or replace by the crimp one. ?

You want to take a good look at all the chain guides and inspect the chain tensioner while it is torn apart. How many miles (kilometers) are on the original chain? Did the chain actually break/come apart? What caused the cylinder to crack back when you resleeved it? Could whatever caused the cylinder to crack caused unseen damage to the chain?

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