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Cold start probs (560 SEL)


It's been around -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit the past few evenings.

When my wife leaves the hospital late at night (parked in an unheated ramp for 9-10 hrs.) it takes 3-6 cranks to get it started. Once running, it runs smooth as usual. No smoke or drama.

It starts fine at home in our 45-degree garage.

I asked her to imitate the sound and it doesn't sound like a dying battery, so I was thinking that it's a possibly a failing cold start valve? Probably not the OVP, since the car runs like a champ after it turns over. Smooth revs, no smoke etc.

It's going to warm up later this week, so I'll try to simulate the conditions early tomorrow morning by parking it outside.

Thanks for any ideas.
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