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Time to replace the muffler on my 89 190E 2.6. I'm staying away from Remus, Ansa, and Supersprint and going with Magnaflow #12148. 2.25 inlet and dual 2"outlet(same as oem specs).However, this mufffler has the dual tips extend straight out...not bent down like the oem muffler. What I want to do is have some tasteful chrome extensions welded on and "notch out" the plastic bumper "skirt" on my 190E. To my eye it would look much less cluttered than having the exhaust tips hang down from beneath the rear bumper. My question: (1) Has anyone done this..if so what it a nightmare and how did you calculate where to cut the skirt (2) What did you use to cut it with? Thanks for your help

Dave Browning
89 190E 2.6

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