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Vettes are nice to look at but they are "fragile" in the fact that they get some problems and then you always seem to be working on the same issue. Older vettes had almost as many problems such as vacuum operated wiper doors and those pop-up headlights - vaccum operated were a nightmare and electric was only marginally better but much more expensive.

Larry, the vettes I owned were low mileage and for the most part in showroom condition and pretty easy to sell. My 79 had 9800 original miles. I did replace a lot of plastic parts that changed chemically and fell apart. It won a Top Flight NCRS award in November and was someone elses in early January 2003. Lots of nice memories but I am done with cars that only ride 4" off the pavement and are 42" at the top of the roof line. I'm tired of folding double to get into them. (if the Corvette Forum could read this...!)

So this doesn't turn into a Corvette gripe session I'll toss this back out:

I love the ride of the E300 - I have only owned it a few weeks but it is all I want to drive. I have a couple of Jeeps but the MB is the THING for now.

Judging from the comments I see - most MB owners are proud of their high mileage - especially the diesel crowd. At only 60K I have a bit of driving to do to catch up. BTW the MB crowd is as "retentive" as the Vette owners! I mean this in a very good way of all do love these cars!

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