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A great tip I got from a technician!!!

I was experiencing a slow moving monoblade on my car.

Talked to a technician about it when I was in buying snow rims and tires at the dealership. (I now get cost as an employee)

He told me to take off the plastic cover at the base of the arm, it just clips off by pulling outwards at the bottom of it.

I was then instructed to use Synthetic ATF on the shaft mechnism.

Next, I turned on the key and put the wiper stalk on the I position.

I poured a small amount of Synthetic ATF on the shaft and did this for 4 cycles. I wiped off the shaft several times since the ATF literally brought out salty flaky deposits from inside the assembly hub.

I re-applied more synthetic ATF and it is like a brand new monoblade assembly!!!

ATF works the best, especially in cold climates like Canada.

Give it a try next time your car is in the garage.

Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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