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I recently have started having trouble with my cruise control. Typical behaviour is something like:

- Cruise control will not engage with accel/decel or resume until AFTER engine is stopped and restarted (never works after car has been sitting for several hours and then started)

- Once engine is restarted it will engage, then sometimes it will accelerate by itself automatically (without me touching the accel), or it might work for a few minutes or it might just not hold the set speed. It may stop working by itself, and then start again without warning (to previously set speed) - this can happen within the space of 5 seconds

- For about 1 hour after restarting these effects are very irritating - after about an hour it will settle down and actually work properly for the remainder of the excursion.

I've tried taking out the cruise control unit (under the driver's side dash) and resoldering all the leads to all components. This just made it stop working completely.

Next I tried a known working cruise control (same model) from a '91 300D. This one works great - problem is I have to return it.

My next round consists of replacing the transistors, the LM2901N IC, and the ITT v8001-501 IC. My question is:
- Is there anything else I should change?
- Where can I find a ITT V8001-501? I've tried Digikey, Future/Active, radio shack, and the ITT website - no dice.
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