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N. VA inspection and smog test - any advice?

I have never had my car registered and inspected in VA (I'm from out of state), but its about time that I do. What can anyone tell me about the process of getting ones car inspected and smog tested in northern Virginia? How strict is the inspection? Is there anything I should do before I go to prevent problems? The tie-rod boots are split on my car, will this cause it to fail? Who does the inspection? In N.Y., just about any shop can inspect a car. Can I just take my car to the dealer and have the inspection done?

I'm just concerned about being taken for repairs that aren't needed. Since independent shops in NY do inspections, they use it as a real way to make easy cash. I know what they are inspecting up there, so I know what to inspect on my car before I go, but here in Virginia I'm feeling kind of vulnerable!


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