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Angry no fuel in injection lines

since a couple of days my 1980 300D wouldnít want to start. first I thought it was the cold weather. changed motor oil from 15W 40 to 10W 40, changed oil filter, changed diesel pre-filter, changed diesel-filter, pumped the hell out of my thumb (hand pump), checked battery, cranked til battery almost died, bought battery charger, charged battery, NOTHING!
searched forum, cracked one of the injection lines Ė NO DIESEL, even if Iím pumping the hand pump like mad! checked fuel line from the small fuel pre-filter to the actual fuel filter, pressure is pretty strong. removed screw from top of main fuel filter (where 2 or 3 fuel lines intersect), pressure also very good here when Iím pumping.
I donít understand why there is no diesel in the injection lines then Ė anybody an idea? couldnít find any leaks or so when pumping. where does all the diesel go when I pump and why isnít there any in the injection lines?
this always was such a phantastic forum, I hope you guys can help me again this time!
thank you very much in advance!

1980 300D, 156K
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