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It did not just come in AMG cars, as I have it in my 420SE Euro. It is an electronic trip computer. It is now and was at the time a rare, euro-only option. The computer computes distance, speed and gas mileage and all variations thereof. I do not think that you can retrofit it into a US car. First, there are switches for it that are on the main console behind the shifter, there is a separate cut-out in the wood for it. I also have about 40 pages (at least) worth of wiring diagrams for it that I got from the MB dealer in Germany, and I think it would be next to, if not completely impossible to retrofit all that wiring. There are sensors and wires strung throughout the whole vehicle for that thing.

Other things to consider are:

The clock is now in digital format on the bottom of the speedo, so you couldn't simply retain your MPH speedo by fitting it in the new pod, you would have to put the MPH speedo face off your car (with the appropriate cutout) on the KMH one and get it recalibrated if necessary and have it modified to read in miles.

The tach is moved from the right side to the left, so your wiring on the back of your cluster would not match up. Since everything is in a little different place, I don't think anything would match up between your car and the cluster. And there is a special plug that goes on the back of the trip computer, which again would tie into the wiring mess mentioned above.

The reason I have all the wiring diagrams, is that when my car was imported to the US, the idiots that did the conversion messed it up, probably cut a sensor here and there and it turns on and everything, but the readings are all messed up, so I got the wiring diagrams from Germany in an attempt to fix it...when I have the time and patience!!! doesn't look good. However, if you insist on trying this, I'd be more than happy to copy and mail you the wiring diagrams and the little instruction manual supplement that came with's all in german!! And..the computer itself is in German and it reads in KMH and liters/100KMs traveled(euro computation of fuel mileage) ...about useless over here.

There is one on german ebay right now, where it looks like you got that pic! So there's one for sale right now. Little over 70 bucks at the moment. But my recommendation...don't mess with it.
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