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Thanks for the informative info. Yes, that is exactly where I found the item. I was looking for more info on the cluster cuz I thought it was cool to have a trip meter that will determine MPG, etc.
I will not bid on this item, since you said its more confusing than what it is. I thought all I would need to do is move the wires to the correct slots. But from the sounds of it, I will have to get it reconfigurated and what not and this is gonna be a *****.

Also, the German translation of the diagrams you offered to copy would be hell for me. My grandmother knows "OK" German, but she probably won't be able to help me translate it 'cus it deals with electronics/car parts.

Oh well... I will save that $100 I was planning on spending and put it in savings for upcoming maintenance/repairs.:p

I really appreciated your info. Thanks a lot
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