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Thanks again

Now...if I can just figure out which one I want to use in my E300 I'm set for life!

I went back and recheced both the index and the lubrication section of the owners manual. Could not find a recommendation. I had decided that the 95 had a first fill of something from MB and then it was switched between 10K and 20K to a 30W by the dealer. After that it was 20W50 Castrol.

I want to use a Synthetic. No more discussion on oils here - I promise. !!!!

For the techies - I just replaced the 95's bulb-out module to the tune of $225. It had been burned out and the first owner had not changed it basing that decision on "selling it soon". I got stuck with it but am nuts about the bulb-out lamp being on when the lights were on - just wasn't good to begin ignoring warning lamps so soon after buying it. So I have the old one and I plan to check the resistance of the non-burned one and find a match.

Thanks for the link

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