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initially I didn't fill the spin on filter at all, but checked it - since I pumped a lot, its totally filled up with diesel fuel now. so that's not where the problem seems to come from. I even tried to crank the engine several times for a pretty long time already (with the new charged battery), but there istn't even smoke developing...
somewhere the system seems to be interrupted.
the "no start" condition came over night, i.e. all of a sudden. temperatures were pretty low, so I thought that was the problem, but now it seems to be something else...
since I already cranked the engine several times (even not with cracked injection lines) AND got a blue thumb from pumping the hand pump, do you still think it might help to crack ALL the lines & give it another try?
do you have any information about where the fuel line goes BETWEEN the spin on filter and the actual injection lines? maybe some part is clogged??
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1980 300D, 156K
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