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Yeah, you're probably making the correct decision here. Yeah, the other things would likely still plug in, but like I said, there is one big plug that goes into the trip computer, with what looks like 100 wires on it...and each and every one of those wires goes somewhere!! And all the parts you couldn't get over here, switches, sensors....and so on and so on.

Actually, to be quite honest with ya, I kinda wish I didn't have this option! When my dad ordered the car, I suppose he thought it would be cool or something. Since the thing doesn't even really work at this time, I only have a 2 pod cluster. I think the big tach on the right is cool. On the other hand, that dumb economy gauge and the clock that likes to not work are good not to have. Trade offs trade offs!! But it will definitely be cool when I get it working again......who knows how long that will take, we all know what kind of a royal PITA electrical/wiring is
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