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rear end question (possible problem)

Hi, I have a question about the rear end differential on my car. I was driving home today and I went to take a right hand corner and a pushed the gas a little, all of a sudden my right rear tire just started spinning. It was raining and it was really wet and slippery and I'm used to spinning my tires around corners when I drive a little spiritedly, but I had only tapped the gas. Anyways, I let off instantly and slowly pushed on it again. Once again, the right rear tire was spinning. I had to feather the gas around the corner with my tire on the edge of grip and actually spinning half the time.

I just thought this was really odd. I didn't hear any weird noises or grinding of any sort but I couldn't understand why it was spinning so much. I barely made it around the corner with just feathering the gas. Later on my way up a slight incline toward my house, I was doing about 30-35 and I shoved my foot to the floor and my car kicked first gear and I could spin the tire at that speed which as far as my memory serves me is a bit odd. I don't think both were spinning although that would be cool

Ok, enough typing, I was just hoping someone could give some input and help me out. Is there anything that could go bad in the rear and cause this or was is some ironic oil spot or something? I feel kind of stupid posting this but it was spinning with almost no effort, it was REALLY abnormal to me for it to slip and spin that bad. Remember, I haven't heard any weird things or felt anything abnormal other than this. Either that or my car magically gained a LOT of power.

P.S. Does anyone know what rear ratios came as options on my car? I'm trying to find what kind of rear end ratio I have.
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