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shaun wurzner
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The previous owner (I'm new in the car) obviously re-used the oil galley keepers resulting in a seized head and one bent valve. My questions are: 1) what needs to be removed to pull the heads? 2)What are the chances of the longer bolts stripping out- the long cam bolts looked pretty corroded. 3) How many hours should I expect? 4) What are the chances I damaged a piston to the point of replacement? The cam seized with the last lobe (nearest the firewall, driver's side) in the 6 o'clock position. 5) Should I go with OEM or after market head gaskets?

I have a 107 engine manual on the way, but want to dig into it before it arrives. Getting married in a few weeks and would like to go topless. I'm in Seattle and we have to capitalize on the few sunny days we get

thanks alot!

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