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PUMA Euro Lights

Fastlane sets a pretty high standard for customer service, and it is rare to find it at other stores. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive the same quality service from another vendor on parts that Fastlane didn't have.

When I needed new Euro lights right away to replace a vandalized pair, I didn't find any vendor that had the lenses or correct lights in stock. Paul at PUMA had 500E Euros in stock that would work, and since the price wasn't that much different than discounted 300E Hella euros from most places, I ordered a pair.

Everything arrived great, but the drivers light had a problem - instead of the nice characteristic ___/ beam pattern, it was blurry and had a hot spot in the center (on the left side of the pic, below). Swapping bulbs didn't change anything, so I called Puma. Paul sent me a new Hella/Mercedes 500E lens in the MB factory box to try on the assumption that the lens had some distortion. When that didn't help, Paul e-mailed me that they are sending out a complete replacement light.

No problems or arguments, they just set out to make it right! (This has NOT been my experience with the last 4 major purchases I have made, from digital cameras to a new stove, etc. Any problems were automatically assumed to be my fault/imagination/pickiness, so I am little obsessive about customer service right now!) So when you think about buying Euros, there may be places with genuine Hella lights for less (I didn't find any), but if there are, don't forget to ask them about the support and service policy. BTW, PUMA also stocks euro light parts such as replacement reflectors, while most places only carry replacement lenses.


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