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I have been working on and driving the 190 (2.3) recently and now that the odo is working I will have my gas mileage for you within the next couple of days.... If it is any help, I've got 277 miles so far and the gauge is in between reserve and quarter tank. I drive about 35% highway and 65% in town.

I am amazed at how much I like this car. This was a $1,000 car that was a mess. Body good, but leaked coolant, wouldn't maintain an idle, hammer-shifted if at all. It was the double-dose of techron and bleeding the injectors at the fuel distributor that got it running well.

Step by step with my daughter and son, we are slowly sorting it out. Still needs the heater core done ..... but it is totally fun to drive.

After properly warmed up, conditions permitting, I drive it very hard. It is so smooth on the highways and corners very flat in turns. It has a very confidence inspiring handling. What great cars. (Ok, now back to our regulary scheduled program).

I am going to look for some Redline fuel system cleaner and try that with the next tank of fuel.
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