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500SE Still ticking

Hi Guys

Thanks for the input, obviously a fairly common problem. Have been through all the checks including removing and inspection of all the HLCís and the cam lobes and rocker arms, all look good, I even replaced the ball bearings in the piston non return valves and performed a bleed down test on each HLC, also performed the preload test ( 1.2mm to 2.4mm ) all fell well within, actual measurements ranged between 1.5 to 1.8 which would seem to be the ideal settings, I still have my ticking noise ( bugger ) What next, well the only things I can think of are the following

1. Some time in the carís colorful history one or more of the old style HLCís may have been fitted ( these I understand had different preload settings ( 0.7 to 1.9 ) in which case I have at least one case that comes very close to the max.
2. One of the oil supply holes in the head to the HLCís is partly blocked and preventing that particular unit from attaining full pump up.

Either way they will all have to come out again ( bugger again ) I will find it eventually, as this noise spoils an otherwise quiet running engine, besides itís now got me really miffed and I am not going to give up. Am now becoming an expert at removing and replacing the valve covers, especially the rubber seal. minutes.

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