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Question engine compatability

Hello. I'm excited to have found such a great resource. My goal is to hotrod a 1978 350 sl . I have found one that is in great shape and I can't wait to get started. The powerplant and drivetrain that I will be building on is a chevy big block 454 that I want to eventually turbocharge and feul inject, however right now I have the block and I have ordered some custom headers. I have a six speed automatic transmission from a 1997 Corvette that is in excellent shape and i am in the process of deciding on a rear end as well as how to best beef up the suspension. My biggest concern right now is if this could actually become a reality. I do not see any problems with having enough room for the assembly, i would just like to know if there is anyone that can tell me if my basic game-plan is sound, or if a small block 327 rat with a 4 speed camero tranny, for example, is more suitable, Thank you for your time.
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