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wooohooo! Yeah!

Now that's what I've been talkin' about too! Earlier in the year when it's cooler (or at least when it's not so damn hot yet)! Yeah, I'm down for that date! Sounds like Al has a great idea too, about that swap meet thing! I'll bring a couple of loose ends I've got. Sure look forward to seeing what some others would bring. (anyone gonna bring any bits from a w123 coupe?)

Oh, just one question for you, Al: we all know you got more vehicles than the law ought to allow but I just don't recall, you picked up an 18 wheeler lately I don't know about yet? Just askin' cause I figure you'd need one to bring your stash of parts for a swap meet! roflmao! If you did, I still have a current class "A", I'd volunteer to jam the gears for you!
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