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Talking kidbenz

Hi kidbenz! Very nice one you got there! You know my last trip there, I was passing the Ocean Building one evening going out for dinner and we passed a white Benz and I mutterred some obscenities about the taxi and guess what? The owner who was standing nearby gave me a very dirty look as it wasn't a taxi!!!LOL. I nearly bought a white one too, a 200E which belonged to some diplomat who was upgrading and it was only S$3000 without any COE for export. However, the Govt here didn't allow my cheap import cos it would make the Benz dealers here "broke" if you can believe their story! Have fun with it, hope there's not too much hidden unrepaired stuff to be done to it. Be prepared like the Scout's motto!

I was driving down a country lane last weekend and saw a delightful 180E with a phone number on it. Will explore this one if its cheap, just for the wife! Will see it again tonight after work. Doesn't get dark here until 9pm Summer time! Possibly only A$12,000 to 14,000, not more.

Have to buzz off to work now, so until then, have a good day!
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