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Originally posted by tvpierce
FYI on top speed. I believe I got this info originally from the old 190 Revolution forum. The columns don't line up like they do on the original document, but I think you can figure it all out. If not, I can e-mail or attach the original MS Word doc.

Model / Years/ Chassis # / Engine #/ Power/ Top Speed
190E 2.3 84 201.024 102.961 131hp (98kw) 123 mph
190E 2.3 85-86 201.024 102.985 131hp (98kw) 123 mph
I can tell you right away that the info on the '84 is wrong. In '84 the 2.3 had 8:1 compression ration which was bumped to 9:1 in 1985 and the HP went from 120 or so to 130.
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