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I just picked up an '86 420SEL on which the timing chain broke and because the valves hit the piston on #4 cylinder so hard, it scored the wall beyond repair. My plan is to yank the block out of my '89 420SEL (timing chain also broke but didn't destroy the block) and use it in the '86. So, I have the '89 up for grabs w/o a motor. It's Smoke Silver with Parchment leather interior. I am the second owner. Bought it from a doctor who bought it new. She originally decided to buy a new S500 rather than fix this one, so I took it off her hands and was going to get around to redoing it eventually. But now since I got the '86 with less miles and a better body, I'm going to do that one instead. The body on the '89 is fair to good. The paint is fine, but the right front fender is creased from a parking lot fender bender. A new or used one can be hung on easily. Nothing else is damaged though, including the bumper. There is a tiny surface rust spot beginning to appear right under the left rear exterior door handle, but the rest of the body is good. There are newer Michelins on it, and the interior is also in good shape. Mileage is 102,000. Everything is in working order. I'd like $1,000 for the car as-is. Pictures are available via snail mail. Please let me know if you're interested. (330) 802-7921 or (330) 725-7469. Car is located outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

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