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Well, I made it back in one piece, but my brain is a bit fried! I've been going to MB Tech Training for almost fifteen years(including one trip to California)and I'm always AMAZED at the things the engineers come up with. This week we covered Semi-Active Suspension, Senso-Tronic Brake Control, Distronic(radar operated cruise control), Keyless Go, Dual Battery System, 4-Zone Climate Control, LOGIC-7 Sound System(420 watts!), as well as the latest in electrical networking. The one topic that I know will be popping up at this forum though, is the new FSS PLUS. If you thought the previous FSS led to some lively discussions, you'll all love this system! The technician or the owner can display what items require attention by using the multi-function steering wheel and the instrument cluster. It also knows when the front brake pads are 50% worn. Unfortunately, I just missed the Maybach. There were a couple of them there last week. I also didn't get a chance to take any pics', but I promise I will next time. Seeya
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