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Timing Chain R&R (Crosspost from Hot Rods Section)

I'm planning on purchasing the parts required for a timing chain R&R either to replace or have as a spare as 119 spares are impossible to get in my neck of the woods.

Would any of you have a complete list of parts and part numbers to help me in getting everything I need? Please include any other parts that I might as well replace while the motor's wide open anyway. I came across a posting which mentioned oil tubes, for example...

Many thanks!


Note: Jim (Jim's500E) has already graciously provided a parts list as follows:

1 Chain 002-997-84-94
1 Chain Tightener 119-050-17-11
2 Sliding Rails 119-052-11-16
1 Sliding Rail 119-052-13-16
1 Sliding Rail 119-052-12-16
1 Sliding Rail 119-050-02-16
2 Slide Rails 119-052-09-16
1 Gasket set 119-010-13-30
1 Gasket set 119-010-14-30

Just wanted a heads up on any other parts that I should be doing while I'm at it.

Also, Fastlane indicates timing cover O-rings (2 each of 2), a timing rail pivot pin (x1) described as "Clamping rail to crankcase and timing cover, " another timing rail pivot pin (x6) described as "sliding rail to cylinder head" and a final timing rail pivot pin (x1) described as "sliding rail to crank case." Would I be needing these as well? Adds a mere $37 to the parts list...

Thanks for any suggestions...
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