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Talking Kidbenz

Ha, ha, ha! Has this happenned to anyone else before.............................. a _arting Benz!!!! Must have had a full load of beer in the tank or drank some Cognac instead of premium unleaded!

Told you that mine had this too, but the duration was about 3 seconds and every 2 seconds from engine start to about 10 minutes into the trip, then it stops automatically for the rest of the journey, why I don't know. The engine also produces a vacuum and together it may be sufficient for the system.

It only happens now on engine start, just 1 solitary _art only, then its the sound of silence(if you can call it that). My engine is a bit noisy, due to the timing chain and maybe lack of sufficient sound deadeners in the front, under the dash and floors. The muffler is a lot quieter now with the change. Left some cars way behind yesterday when I did a dash from the red lights like one of those supercharged cars. They were surprised I tell you. I just floored the accel. to test it. Can't believe it went so fast!
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