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Smile 1985 Mercedes Benz 300 d with 532698 miles WOW!!!

As my precious 1985 300 d turbodiesel is off to a good mechanic Enrique at MB motors,you all have to check out ebay item 2401153489 1985 300 d turbodiesel. I personally don't think it looks bad (those are 86-91 wheels) but look at that mileage and shape and its still going.Now since all of us have good taste (Mercedes Benz) and average to way above average in the intelligence catergory (diesel) what do we recall about economics 101?Invest money in assests that appreciate and reduce capital in assests that depreciate.Equate-how many cars over 18 years would (or did) go through driving 532698 miles and still look like this (let alone standing-remember the 80's were not kind to American cars)?I'm so far counting on 2 hands.Not any more and if anyone says to you like they did me here in B-town,I got two words for them (be creative).
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