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Timing 2.5Turbo [Best way ??]

Couldn't find a comparaison on timing methods !! on the forum.

I am planning to put a new chain.

Having the IP locking tool.
Which is the best way to make timing ?
* Putting the cranck at #1 TDC
* Putting the head + Align the camshaft
* Putting the chain tensioner
* Turning the cranck to TDC+15"
* Align the IP until the locking tool will engage.


2) (whith the camshaft Off)
* Locking the IP.
* turning the cranck to #TDC + 15"
* Engage the chain
* Putting on the camshaft whithout lifters
* putting the chain and tensionner.
* Turning the cranck to #1 TDC
* Then place the lifters and the camshaft.

The only one operation that disturb me, is to put the front panel and the harmonic balancer, to read the cranck position and remove it mount the chain....
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