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W140 Alternator Load

Hi there:

I read from many posts that the S500 uses a 143 Amps alternator. I have an early model 300 (104) engine which uses a 120 Amps alternator. I am sure its 120 Amps because I just had to repace it and was given with the stock configuration.

My question is:

1) How do we know how much is our car drawing with standard stuff turned on and how much amps "spare" we may have left; and

2) I have the "Cool Harness" installed and understood that the fans draws 35 amps (I think so) when turned on at high. Is this going to cause any problems to my 120Amps setup? I hate to drain my battery, again, just like the failed alternator I have to replace.

Your help will be appreciated.

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