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To add to Benzmac's advice. Remove the impact strips before you paint. Don't try to paint them or mask around them. They are a different material and expand and contract more than the bumper cover itself. Also, when you get the paint mixed, make sure you get the flex additive mixed with the color coat. This will prevent the paint from cracking with normal wear and tear, such as scraping the bottom of the air dam across the top of a parking barrier. Been there and done that. Give it lots of time to dry or you will most certainly pick up a quick set of dings while the paint is soft. should look really nice when done. BTW while you're at it. Remove the grille insert and paint that piece a semi-gloss black. Also remove the little aluminum trim strips (6 hroizontal and 1 vertical). You will have to do a thorough prep of the plastic and use a good quality spray gun. Put on at least 6 coats of color after the prime. Build it up slowly. it will last longer and be more resistant to superficial damage.

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