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Just a follow up to help others using the FLX-13 water pump method

I did get the pump out eventually. I took out the air filter housing, the first bottom left intake manifold bolt, the belt pulley and cut the small water hose completly off. The FLX 13 tool is a life saver if all the bolts are 13mm Hex heads. I did have to grind down part of the new Graf water pump bolt because it protruded further out then the OEM pump(one of the 4 small bolts on the back part of the pump).
Getting the pump out takes some work. I started to think it wouldn't come out. It's so tight, the back part of the pump cut a small grove in my intake manifold. It comes out and goes in like a puzzle. Be careful of the wire going to the timing mark. It got pinched and was really in the way during the install. It kept falling behind the pump, keeping it from mounting flush.
Getting to the bottom front bolt gave me some trouble, because you can't see it. The bolt you can see on the bottem is not it, it's above it just out of site. I was trying to undo the wrong bolt for a while, till I realized it wasn't the right bolt. Getting the front bottom bolt back in takes some skill, because if you drop it in that area you have to take the pump back out to fetch the bolt. I put some grease in the end of the FLX tool to help hold the bolt while I lined it up to thread it. Also yank up and down on your serp. belt. If you hear squeaking you may need a new belt tensioner. Mine started lightly chirping after I finished the install, but I'm going to live with it for now.
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