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Welcome to the club!
Although Euro lights provide much better visibility, it's not because they use higher wattage bulbs. North American(DOT)headlights use a 9004 bulb (65/45 watts inputs with 1200/700 lumens output) compared to the standard Euro H4 bulb (60/55 watts input with 1650/1000 lumens output). The better input-to-output efficiency is due to the filament design.
Compared to DOT headlights, the Euros actually appear less bright to oncoming traffic, while providing much improved driver visibility in terms of distance and right-side illumination. This is due to the Euro reflector design which provides a sharper cut-off and different beam pattern, effectively concentrating the low-beam light lower to the ground, straight ahead, then up-and-out to the right shoulder (better illuminating signs, pedestrians, etc).
Headlamp washer/wipers are not interchangeable between versions. To utilize your NA version wipers with Euro lights see my previous posts on that subject.

Hope I've shed some 'light'.
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