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Andras Nagy
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Reza and all:

Sorry guys, but in France ALL headlights are yellow, including the fogs. The French are funny this way, and becasue of their wanting to be different, I predict that they will always have them.

But having lived in France for years, I can tell you that the yellow is not any better than the "white" that we have here in the USA.

Barrie knows whereof he speaks, for I have the Euro version on my Euro 280 SE, and they are all one piece glass lens, and the headlamp and foglamp are housed in separate plastic housings in the engine copartment. If fact, the bulbs are H1 and H4 iodine, and not sealed beams as the older ones in the USA. I believe that all newer ones are not sealed beam.

So Frankie, the answer is yes, you can differentiate between the two - the Euro are a one piece unit, whereas the USA are two piece, and look it......Andras
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