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Can someone help me with my Mitsubishi loaner car?

Hello friends:

While my 190e is at the body shop getting fixed from a deer accident, I have an '89 Mitsubishi Galant.

It's really cold here in Wisconsin, and my heat doesn't work. I talked to the body shop today, and they said to add more anti-freeze. It was a little low, so I did that. I had a heck of a time getting the cap off the overflow tank - there was nothing about it in the user's manual, and I wasn't exactly sure how to get it off. Eventually, it just came off. I put the coolant and some water in, and tried to put it back on. I didn't hear it snap in or anything, and I'm worried it's not on tight.

Also, there are two pieces of hose that run right into the cap. When I took the cap off, there was piece of hose that was actually inside the tank, another piece that was on top of the cap and which ran toward the radiator, and a third piece which looked like it just dangled there. I don't think I pulled it out of anything, but I thought it strange that this piece of hose doesn't connect to anything.

I'm probably not describing this very well - I'm not good with cars at all. I'm driving for a long while tomorrow and want to be sure that the cap is on tight and these hoses are where they should be. Does someone here have a Mitsubishi that they can look for me and see how that cap fits on?

I would be grateful for any help.

Thanks friends
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