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Battery Charge Warning

Check your users manual. Having just gone thru a starting problem with this cold snap on the East Coast, and having to get my battery replaced, I read up on the manuals.

I believe that if that "Charge" warning comes on, it is telling you that the battery is not getting any juice to recharge it. In fact, you may have been running on battery power alone.

When my car would not start and needed the jump, the one thing I did feel better about was that the little battery symbol for "charge" alert did not appear. So I figured my batttery was being charged and the electrical systems were running off the "engine".

With all those lights going on, you are probably best to take it to the dealer to have a diagnostic check. Sounds like you got about 40% of the possible warning lights.

Quick question: can you start the car now?? Or is it dead?

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