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Freezing my feet!

Car is '96 S500 Coupe (140). No garage available, so it sleeps outside... temps have been really cold lately (could use some of the Global Warming right now)
Anyway, when overnight temps drop below about 30 degrees F, there is no heat to the floor ducts in the morning regardless of what I select on the climate control. All I get is warm defrost. I can switch to dash vents, but still no floor heat.
After driving for about an hour or so, something moves and all works normally after that...
I assume there is a flapper/damper in the heat box that controls flow to floor duct that binds with extreme cold. Once the car starts to warm up a bit, it moves. (yes?)
This will only get worse with time, so would like to fix.
Anyone know where this flapper is? I can't dive into this problem until weather warms a bit, and of course, it will work fine when I get there.
Thanks, KenP
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