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Unhappy fog horn in the rear

It went to 44.1 degrees Celcius today, never been so hot for ages! Last few days, the atmosphere around Melbourne was so smokey like those days you guys had when it was coming from the Sumatra burn outs. We have been having uncontrolled fires in the northern parts of our state of Victoria and Canberra and also New South Wales. The grass and timbers are too dry with very hot and dry weather. Only needs a wild lightning strike or a spark from a passing truck, car or train to cause this.

In this heat, my car is running hot and the aux fans are running to keep it cooler. Also for the first time I heard this "fog horn" sound which is different to my rear buzzing last time. The fog horn went on for 7 to 8 times after I parked my car in the garage. I was really surprised to hear this as it never happenned before. I think it must be the heat thats causing it. Sounds like a Benz with constipation or just too much gas! Seems to be coming from the rear bottom(fuel pump/filter area) or the vacuum pump in the boot. I cannot pin point its source. What can this be if anyone can help? Can it be the battery letting off some accumulated gasses? or is it the petrol tank letting off fumes though there is no fuel smells.
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