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I gotta say $1100 Canadian is steep as hell, so I thought I'd toss in my 2 cents as well since I'm in Canada too

I got my wires for $140, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm I got for about $100 all together oredered online, prices here are ridiculous.

I went to a parts dealer near by my house and was quoted $250 for just the wires, no way I'm spending that much.

I got the fuel filter at the dealer for $30.

I got my timing chain, guides, tensioner and sprockets, as well as main front seal and oil pan gasket done for $500, but this was cause of connections, normail price I hear is around $1400 for a job like that.

I just orderd the front and rear flex discs online for less then half the price (all in Canadian $$) then what I found at the dealer, I think it was $120 for front and $80 for rear, plus another $70 for bearing and support. I got both discs for around $100, and bearing for $13 at a parts place.

I fix everything I can myself too, and I love doing it, right now I even hesitate to take my car to my trusty mechanic, cause he messed up a bit while doing the chain, but he's human too you know.

I got the car for 9 months, I resotred it to top notch condition so far and spent $1500 all together, if I had a shop do this for me, the car would never run as good, and money, well, I'd have none.

Rough idle? Stalling? hard starts??? I had all of those, but not anymore, and this is an 18 year old car too. I was told that it will never run the way it is running now, but look at it now.

Oh yea, and whoever said that the 190E 8vlv is slow, I dunno why, but I don't think so, if you compare it to something that was built for speed then maybe, but on the street, man I leave everyone behind

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