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Originally posted by ILUVMILS
Hi Steve, it's possible that the oil may have been spilled there during an oil change.
It's hard not to spill oil when pulling the filter out, as you have to be careful of the wiring harness there. I would rather spill a little than take a chance on damaging the harness. It's most likely that either someone spilled a little or maybe the filter isn't completely tight, or did not replace the filter housing o-ring.

Originally posted by ILUVMILS
The M111 engine in this car is one of the few MB engines that's not notorious for oil leaks.
True. The M111 is really tight. We've had both main seals replaced, but that was due to the dealer overfilling the crankcase by about three litres! The cavitating oil wrecked the seals. I started doing my own changes, and now the engine is drum tight.
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