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Re: 1998 e320 battery charge warning

Originally posted by kwhite130
On the way home with car the warning kept flashing battery charge, then the abs brakes warning came on, then the srs warning, and the asr warning came on and then the fss display went totally blank.
These are the sure signs of no charging.

Originally posted by kwhite130
Then the car must have went into the limp mode because the transmission felt like it was slipping but it got me home. Has anyone of you ever had an alternator go bad on you and is it covered under the starmark warranty?
Your transmission is electronic, and will go into limp home without proper voltage. It sounds like your alternator is bad. If you have Starmark, read under "covered components" as coverage varies. Onmy Signature Class warranty (Canada) I have the 160K kilometer "comprehensive" warranty, and the alternator is covered. Your coverage might be different.
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