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Re: 1997 C36 warm air problem (thermostat?)

Originally posted by Rocky
Hi guys,

It's been REAL cold these past couple days up in Toronto. It was 3 Degrees Farenheit last night. I was having problems with not getting hot air. It comes out warm at intervals. The engine temp never went above 80 and kept fluctuating between 75-80 whether i'm on the highway ro on the normal streets. Anyone else have this problem before? Could it be a bad thermostat? Is it easy to fix?

Thanks guys,
All our late model MB's DO NOT get over 80C in cold weather. And sitting in traffic, the temp might drop to 75C. [b]Your cooling system sounds perfectly normal.[b]

But no heat sounds abnormal. Even at a coolant temp of 75C, my C230 makes TONS of heat. Check your heater core temp. While driving (be careful) press the "rest" button for five seconds, and then use the fan control "+" to scroll to sensor #3, which is your heter core temp. It should flash 3 and then a temp in C. If it's less than 35C, then you've got trouble. But, it REALLY does not sound like a thermostat problem. If you start driving down the freeway, and your collant temp falls to 50C, then you have a thermostat problem.
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