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There are a lot of threads but many of them go off on tangents and never really address the issue. Also, my description differs from many in that the car starts and runs well except that the idle searches only after it is warm. Also, none of the threads I read seemed to give methodical trouble shooting schemes. At any rate, I would like some real gurus to respond, or at least some one who can say, "Test part A and if ok then test part B. To test part A do this..." I know it is asking a lot but I really like the chalenge of the trouble shooting w/ out just replacing parts. I also realize that sometimes replacing a part is the only recourse for trouble shooting but I know that by-and-large I should be able to take a methodical approach and get to the core with out a lot of hunting and pecking. Again, I know my expectations are high but people here seem willing to help out, even if its been discussed before. So I am asking everyone out there to give me a hand and help me enjoy my toy!

As a side note, I have done this to the car myself:
- Remove the head and replace the valves, guides and seals
- Had valves ground and head resurfaced - at the machine shop
- Replace the timing chain and cam gear
- Rebuilt the sunroof mechanism and replaced the cable
- Repainted the car
- Replaced the blower motor

And the list goes on. I only mention this to let folks know that I am willing to dive in with their advice and give it a whirl.

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