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Thanks for your reply.

My old alternator lasted 64000 km. Sorry, my car is on km rather than miles as I am on the other half of the world! It was factroy fitted in 1992.

They did not test the regulator nor did they rip apart my alternator. Out here where I am, they don't tend to have any re-conditioned parts and thus everything is new. Mine was a brand new Bosch 120 amps.

Bottom line, was I dumb in replacing with a 120 amps and should I have gone with a 150 amps? Also just again, anyway to test if there are any spare capacity on the existing alternator output? I am hestitate to use the "cool harness" as the fan will draw 35 amps which can be a bit harsh on the electrical system.

Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks again.
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