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Here is an update

Here is an update and will add photos on my next update. I am not done yet, so far no luck in repairing the oil pressure gauge. I started this morning by making sure there is enough resistance coming out of the oil pressure sending unit to make the gauge go to 3 bar. I hooked up an ohmmeter between the sender’s connector and ground. It read 20ohms and then started the car and it jumped to about 280 ohms…. As the oil was warming up, the resistance was dropping… all is normal and I had already checked for oil pressure at the shop the other day.
Then I disconnected the battery's negative and proceeded to remove the cluster, an easy thing in my car, and all wires in the back were marked, so I just unplugged everything and took the cluster to mywork bench and took off the speedometer first then the gauge module that has oil/temp/fuel next (they have to come out in that order).
Looking at the components side of the gauge I could not see any obvious problems. First thing I did was to check the fuse and it was good. I checked the resisters and diodes with the ohmmeter and things looked fine to me. With a soldering iron I touched up all components and connectors around the oil gauge and put everything back together. I reconnected the battery and started the engine… and to my disappointment still no gauge movement. Back to square one. My choices are to either take it to this guy the dealer recommended and pay $200-$300 to have it fixed or find a used gauge (I saw similar gauges but for different models on ebay for $20-30) or look around junkyards and see what I can find. At least this is not a life threatening problem and should be able to drive the car for a while without the oil gauge, but I don’t like the blindness feeling that I don’t know what’s my oil pressure doing.

Will update more once I have a fix.

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